Bitwarden Gotchas

These items are listed, not as something that should keep you from adopting and using Bitwarden as your password manager. I love Bitwarden, you can’t beat the pricing, and it’s open source! I pay for the family subscription, and it’s been great! This list is about things that are not apparent when using Bitwarden. You can think of them as limitations of the system if you like. If you export your vault, it does not include the file attachments If you import from another password manager, it won’t import the file attachments If you have the family plan and want to use file attachments (a premium feature) you will have to share your logins with the organization e. [Read more...]

Flyway - CLI in Docker

Flyway Tooling To run flyway commands from docker, do the following. docker run -it --rm --name flyway -v $PWD/flywayconf:/flywayconf flyway/flyway:7.11.0 --version Instead of --version use you own commands. Note that if you need to point to any files, create them in the flywayconf folder. Any files you put into flywayconf are referred to using the following syntax /flywayconf/myfile.conf. docker run -it --rm --name flyway -v $PWD/flywayconf:/flywayconf flyway/flyway:7.11.0 --version -configFiles=/flywayconf/deploy.conf -locations=/flywayconf/mysqlfiles $urlVar $additionalArguments -url="jdbc:snowflake://my. [Read more...]

Nextcloud - Issuing OCC Commands without installing sudo

There should be no need to install sudo. If you want to run the occ command as an elevated user, simply do the following to run the command as the www-data user. Example using su and www-data user su -c "php /var/www/html/occ maintenance:mode --off" -s /bin/sh www-data Should I be using the www-data user? To confirm that the www-data user is the owner of the configuration you can do the look at the file properties of config. [Read more...]

Linux - Move script functions to another file

Move functions from your main script into another file # source ./ f1 hello world # function f1 { arg1 = $1 arg2 = $2 # Do something with ${arg1} }

Linux - Hex dump

Dump file to hex xxd <myfile.txt>

PowerShell - Exit Code

PowerShell - Exit Code $arg1Data = "someArgText"; $Proc = Start-Process -FilePath "some.exe" -ArgumentList @("-arg1:$arg1Data",'-someOtherSwitch','-anotherArg:someOtherText',"someStaticTextThatIsAnArg") -PassThru -Wait -NoNewWindow; if($Proc.ExitCode -ne 0) { Throw "Failed to execute with exitcode: $($Proc.ExitCode)"; } With Splatting $exe = "some.exe"; $arg1Data = "someOtherArgContent"; $cmdArgs = @( "-arg1:$arg1Data" ,'-someOtherSwitch' ,'-anotherArg:someOtherText' ,"someStaticTextThatIsAnArg" ); $parms = @{ "FilePath"=$exe; "ArgumentList"=$cmdArgs; "PassThru"=$true; "Wait"=$true; "NoNewWindow"=$true; } $Proc = Start-Process @parms; if($Proc.ExitCode -ne 0) { Throw "Failed to execute with exitcode: $($Proc.ExitCode)"; } https://docs. [Read more...]

Linux - Clear Bash History

Bash history is stored in ~/.bash_history. When you log out of the current shell, the shell’s history is written to the hidden file. To empty out history, first clear the history from the current session # history --help # -c clear the history list by deleting all of the entries history -c Then write the current history to the file # -w write the current history to the history file history -w Now if you look at the contents of ~/. [Read more...]

Ubiquiti - Configuring an EdgeRouter X to Replace a CenturyLink Router - Zyxel C3000Z

Bypassing another bad CenturyLink router. This time, I have the Zyxel C3000Z which I need in order to get the bonded pair for the fastest DSL I can get in my area. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but 80MB is plenty for our household’s needs. We won’t actually be able to get rid of this device completely, but we can disable all of it’s functionality and allow it to pass through data to the EdgeRouter. [Read more...]

Keepass Syncing the Database

Storing the Keepass database in your NextCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, or other storage is convenient if ou need to have access to the database from multiple machines both in and out of your home network. There is a problem with this setup though. Both NextCloud sync and Keepass will be trying to sync different verions of the database at some point. Let’s say you have two computers, both pointing to the Keepass database stored on a synced cloud storage provider. [Read more...]