These items are listed, not as something that should keep you from adopting and using Bitwarden as your password manager. I love Bitwarden, you can’t beat the pricing, and it’s open source! I pay for the family subscription, and it’s been great!

This list is about things that are not apparent when using Bitwarden. You can think of them as limitations of the system if you like.

  • If you export your vault, it does not include the file attachments
  • If you import from another password manager, it won’t import the file attachments
  • If you have the family plan and want to use file attachments (a premium feature) you will have to share your logins with the organization
    • e.g. just because you’re part of an organization, your personal vault does not receive the organization features, your items do
  • If you add all your items to the organizational vault, then export your personal vault, the export will be empty
    • In other words, once you add something to the organization, it it removed from your personal vault
  • There seems to be no way to persist personal foldering of vault items
    • Your folders do not get associated to vault items in any way during export
  • There is no way to easily export attachments
    • There is a way to iterate over items using the CLI tool
  • You cannot target a collection on import
  • There is no drag and drop method to move items between collections
    • You can select items in the UI, then select the gear icon, then select share to assign collections
  • The file attachments aren’t visible from the main item in the web UI